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Long time, no see & checking out information on the opponent

Hello boys and girls! A rather unpleasant series of colds, stress and pro-seminar related angst has kept me from updating this blog for way too long. Now that I'm free from the gruelling pro-seminar, I can give you a swift update on things.

The topic on the lecture in the Digital culture course a few weeks ago was to look for information considering the upcoming opposition in the pro-seminar course. Sadly, I was ill and absent this particular lecture, but later on took my time to thoroughly investigate in the matter. I was supposed to oppose Auroras work with the rather catchy titel "Det röda fruntimret och den vita pressen - krigspropagande, kvinnohat eller rädsla?". This pro-seminar debated around the subject of the female soldiers of the "red" socialist troops in the Finnish Civil War and how they were depicted in contemporary media. A very interesting piece of work I may say. Aurora had chosen quite a few books around the topic, and as requested by the lecturer, I decided to check out on information and books on the topic in general.

I first proceeded to look online on Helka for information on the topic, also keeping in mind to browse around for more potentially useful material for the composition. I typed in "suomen sisällissota naiset" in the search engine, and up popped one book that especillay caught my interest; Punaiset naiset ja muita tarinoita vallankumouksen Suomesta by Raija Westergård. When I checked Auroras table of contents of the pro-seminar essay, I couldn't find this particular book there, so I decided the book had potential. Sadly enough the book could only be found at The Library of the Labour Movement in Sörnäinen, and I hadn't the briefest idea where this museum was or felt the slightest inspired, so I decided to do some more research and look into other books on the topic found at libraries more familiar to me.

I also briefly checked online on Google if I could find anything relating to the topic and something I could go and check out in person at some of the university or common libraries. The search on "punaiset naiset 1918" gave quite many results, some which pointed towards the books Aurora had been using in her work as references.

I later on paid a visit to a common library in Roihuvuori, where Raija Westergård's book according to Helmet should have been available and decided to check upon the book in person. On Helka I had noticed that most of the books considering the Finnish Civil war 1918 and the red socialist troops were located in the Library of the Labour Movement, which was good to know if one decided upon a project within those frames of interest in the future. I briefly browsed through the book at the library, which seemed quite interesting indeed - apparently the author had been inspired by letters found in her grandmother's drawer from the time of the Civil war and then decided to weave fact and fiction together. Due to the fictional, but yet well-written parts, I'm not sure this book would work as a purely scientific source for a work like the pro-seminar. I still found the book interesting and captivating even after idle flicking of pages, and decided to maybe look it up at some point for my own amusement.

I also checked online what Google had to offer me, and I encountered quite many articles around the topic of the red socialist females and their life and deeds. Many articles revolved around the many red female prisoners, some no older than teenagers being shot at the prison-of-war camps established by the white non-socialists. Most of the articles were discussing the topic generally, and did not offer much more to Aurora's work in my opinion. Anyhow, it was an interesting experience, and I'm happy her work and topic worked out in the end when I opposed her during the presentations of the pro-seminar works.

Well, that's all - see you soon again :)!

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