sunnuntai 29. huhtikuuta 2012

Communicating your knowledge

Hello again! The topic for the latest lecture in the Digital culture course evolved around knowledge and how to communicate with it. We talked about which part of the culture is reflected through the books written and how these are later researched for different terms and words important for culture and history study.

In the old times, scientific communication was a lot more archaic and troublesome - the methods were limited and it was difficult to communicate with one and other. Nowadays the internet has eased this prospect immensely, but new problems have simultaneously risen to the surface. One of the problems are scientific articles written in certain  magazines, and whether this should be met as a matter of business or with openness - should these magazines be openly accessible to everyone? With the Open Access movement in 2003the universities started requiring that research done eg. at Helsinki university, among others, should be openly published. The distribution and publishing process it not, however, completely free of charge for the researchers. A big part of publishing in general consists of academic publishing, which also determines the aspects of publishing in general.

A topic that has lately risen to the surface once more, and is quite timeless, is the one considering copyright and to whom the rights belong. According to the official copyright, the creator of the work owns the rights to it and the right to be acknowledged as the creator, not to mention deciding upon how the material could and should be used. There is also always the so called grey publications; ongoing research, unmoderated material - what used to be conference papers back then, is mainly blogs and presentations nowadays. With these the problem of copyright and ownership is a reoccurring problem.

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