sunnuntai 5. helmikuuta 2012

Computers and internet is a daily necessity for quite a majority, nowadays, but few really understand or know about the complicated process through which both were slowly developed. On the most recent lecture, we discussed around the topic of the emergence of the computer, the internet and how the fruit of all those complicated processes have turned into an obvious part of our daily lives.

The most of the information was new and quite complicated, and I guess I realised I'm very much spoiled by this society and its comforts, when I found myself amazed over how the earliest computers - big enough to fill whole rooms, worked so slowly. A process as simply (well, nowadays) as transferring information as a file from one computer to another was gruellingly a slow and complicated process. Quite astonishing for us to imagine. 'What, I can only keep one window open at a time? Bitch, please! I like my 50 tabs open, simultaneously >8D!'. So, yeah, that wouldn't much have been an option back then :'3. Then again, computers were ridiculously expensive and used mostly for research and high-profile projects within science. Awesome.

One thing that I was surprised about, was for how long necessary web sites like Wikipedia, Wordpress, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and search engines like Google have been around. Which really isn't long. Google suddenly popped up back in 1998 and pages like Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter all appeared sometime during the 2000's. It sure feels like they've been around forever, doesn't it? Apparently human memory is not always as infallible as expected... After all, how could I have written all my essays and do my homework in Secondary School without Wikipedia ;____;? It just would've taken more effort >8)...

It's unfortunately obvious, that when Internet was invented and started gaining popularity, some people lost their social life to it completely and utterly. Or at least many lost a part of themselves to it (yours truly as well :'3) and internet has now become an inseparable part of our way of life, and for some people, it has become their sole purpose of living. Ain't that great 8D?

The future sure looks bright for us...and our children :'D.

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